Three new sculptures

SCOGLIERA VIVA - Award ceremony of the 20th international Symposium

The 20th international sculpture competition “Scogliera Viva” ended on June 26th with the award ceremony, where artists from all over the world can realize their ideas on the cliff in Caorle.

The three winners this year were Cosimo Scotucci and Elena Saracini from Italy, as well as Peter Zaytsev from Russia. The works of art were completed in ten days and can now be admired together with all other worked pieces of rock in almost 30 years (since 1993).

The work “Flutti” by Cosimo Scotucci aroused interest in the audience thanks to its innovative technology. He used brightly colored stones that absorb sunlight during the day and glow at night without any external energy sources. The new sculpture by Peter Zaytsev from Moscow is also significant: his work “Social Distance” recalls the last two years that were marked by the pandemic. Elena Saracino, eventually, carved a rock and her work is called “Mutation”, which expresses the physical change of all elements in nature.