Summer 2021 with new beach standards

Tourism - First weekends after the pandemic.

The beaches are finally ready to welcome tourists: Caorlespiaggia Consortium has worked hard to pave the way for the start of this second tourist season after Covid-19.

The hope is that summer 2021 will bring better results than summer 2020 (minus 40%).

“Hotels and other structures ordered the same number of beach places as in 2019. Although we are ready to reduce this number, in the end we consider it a signal of confidence from the operators”, explains Francesco Perissinotto, President of Caorlespiaggia Cooperative. He also reminded that this year there will be more beach umbrellas available for commuter tourists.

“We think that we will keep larger distances between the umbrellas than in the last two years, as a quality standard to keep in the future, in order to meet the demands of our customers”, adds Perissinotto. “This year it is possible thanks to the more available room on the Ponente Beach, created by the works to secure the coast and the sand filling. As is well known, there are no room problems at Levante Beach.”

Among other news there is the creation of 8 new beach entrances, five of them at Levante and three at Ponente, with the planting of bushes and the installation of park benches. Some of the already existing oases were embellished and a small amphitheater was created inside one of the central oases of Levant Beach.

On the free beaches, booking is not requested in Caorle in 2021 either.