Date: 21st May - 28th May - 4th June - 11th June.
From 16th June to 15th September every thursday (in Italian language).

20th May - 27th May - 3rd June - 10th June.
From 15th June to 14th September every wednesday (in German language).

Time: Meeting time at 9.45 am.  Departure at 10.00 am.

Location: Information Office I.A.T., Rio Terrà 3 - Caorle

Description: Guided tours to discover the old town center and the lagoon of Caorle. The duration of the walk will be about an hour and will travel along Rio Terrà to Piazza Vescovado, the ScoglieraViva and the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Angelo.

Terms: 3 euro. Children under 7 do not pay.
- Tickets can be purchased at the Information Office.
- Tickets can be requested from hotels and agencies participating in the initiative.
- Registration for the guided tour can only be done by paper ticket holders.
- Non-refundable ticket.

Info: Ufficio Informazioni IAT Caorle

Rio Terrà 3

30021 Caorle (VE)

Telephone: + 39 0421 810 85