Date: 15th May - 29th May - 5th June - 19th June.
From 24th June to 16th September every Friday.

Time: Meeting time at 9.45 am.  Departure at 10.00 am.

Location: Porto di Falconera, Caorle

Description: Guided tours to discover the Lagoon of Caorle. The walk will last one hour; the guide Monia will show all our naturalistic beauties, such as the typical Casoni, the fishermen's houses of the past.

Terms: 3 euro. Children under 7 do not pay.
- Tickets can be purchased at the Information Office.
- Tickets can be requested from hotels and agencies participating in the initiative.
- Registration for the guided tour can only be done by paper ticket holders.
- Non-refundable ticket.

Info: Information Office IAT Caorle

Rio Terrà 3

30021 Caorle (VE)

Telephone: + 39 0421 810 85