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You won’t have to wait until the end of the summer to enter the extraordinary world of “La Luna nel Pozzo”, the International Street Theater Festival that populates the streets and squares of Caorle every year.

The Municipal Administration of Caorle and Carichi Sospesi Aps have in fact wanted to give citizens and tourists two previews this year that will allow them to fully enter the spirit of the XXIX edition.

The first one, which will be held on Thursday 13th June at 9:00 pm in Piazza Vescovado, will feature the Compagnia Autoportante, an Italian-Argentine circus duo composed of Emma Edvige Ungaro and Damian Elencwajg. At the center of their show “The Great Pretender” we find love, that passion always hanging on a tight wire, a world parallel to reality, magical and subtle. New and dangerous adventures await the suitor, who with balance, dance and theater, will try in every way to win back his beloved. Will he be able to win her back?

The second one will be held on Thursday 25th July at 9:00 p.m. Porto Santa Margherita will be crossed by the “Scirocco”, that warm wind of the Mediterranean that brings old and new stories of people and existences that intertwine with each other. Lucignolo and the Fire will tell them, an artist who, with the languages ​​of theater, dance and fire, will accompany the audience in fairy-tale adventures. That will come to life through the magic of dancing flames.

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