aprile, 2023

16apr9:00Spring Taekwondo Open CaorleSport event


Taekwondo in the Sports Hall!


Sunday 16th April
09:00 am – Start of the competition

LUNCH BREAK: The competition fields will be stopped alternately, continuing with the competition.

06:00 pm – End of the competition

CADETS (born from 2009 to 2011) WHITE-YELLOW / GREEN-BLUE / RED-BLACK
JUNIOR (born between 2006 and 2008) WHITE / YELLOW-GREEN / BLUE-RED / BLACK
SENIOR (born from 1988 to 2006) WHITE / YELLOW-GREEN / BLUE-RED / BLACK

All the companies regularly affiliated to FITA/WT for the current sporting year and their respective coaches in possession of suitable technical qualifications, regularly registered with FITA for 2023, will be able to participate in the event.
Athletes must be in compliance with the membership card and with the health certification for competitive fitness.
Registrations will be possible exclusively through the reserved area of the federal website by 2nd April 2023 (maximum threshold of 300 athletes).
The payment of the registration fee is equal to € 30.00 for each participant.

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