22lug21:00Procession and fire of the bell towerTraditional celebration


Also this year during the second weekend of July, Caorle recalls its historical/religious traditions through the evocative procession with fire in the bell tower, which will begin on Saturday 22nd July with the celebration of Holy Mass at 9 pm and which will then continue with the procession of the statue of the Madonna dell’Angelo from the Sanctuary to the Cathedral and the fire of the bell tower around 10 pm.

The celebrations will then end on the evening of Sunday 23rd with the return to the sanctuary of the effigy of the Madonnina so loved by the “Caorlotti”, at the end of the Holy Mass at 9 pm.

It is an ancient seafaring tradition and is perhaps one of the most heartfelt summer events in Caorle. The burning of the bell tower is an ancient rite that is lost in the mists of time and takes place in the middle of the season and in the heat. These are dates to be highlighted in the calendar, since they constitute the highest point of religiosity in the Municipality of Caorle, in which all the faithful of Caorle, tourists and also people who belong to other religions participate.

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