mar09lug21:00Marco and Pippo Comedy Trio at the Caorle Suonica FestivalParco del Pescatore21:00


(Martedì) 21:00


Avantintrio’ is the title of the new theatrical production by the comedy trio Marco and Pippo: a play on words that not only further strengthens their identity as a single three-headed comedic entity, but also evokes and tells the concept of movement. The show, in fact, is a journey ‘forwards and backwards’ through Veneto, to tell the beauties and characteristics of our territory even to those who are not from Veneto.

The use of the Venetian dialect is the stylistic hallmark of the trio. Skillfully used and loved by the group as an expressive feature of a territory, it helps to enhance the nature of the characters and is appreciated by an ever-wider audience, even from other regions of Italy. The show will not lack the historic characters that have entered the hearts of the audience for many years, but will also present new, unpublished characters that have already appeared in the podcast program Bajiji, the trio’s latest editorial project.

Tickets available —> caorlesuonicafestival

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