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La Sad, a trio formed by Theø, Plant, and Fiks, was established in 2020 from the meeting of these three artists, who decided to combine their musical journeys to create a new collective characterized by modern punk sounds and imagery.

Theø, Plant, and Fiks, who come from three different regions (Lombardy, Apulia, and Veneto), united through their shared passion for music and a strong bond of friendship developed in recent years. Theø is a singer and former guitarist with years of world tours behind him, Plant is a very young promise rooted in the trap and emotrap scene, and Fiks is known for his punk attitude and depressive lyrics. From their very first single, “SUMMERSAD,” the three have taken an innovative direction both in terms of sound and lyrics, addressing themes related to depression and relationship issues.

With a punk attitude, distorted guitars, and direct lyrics, La Sad represents the struggles of an entire generation and the importance of learning from mistakes and rising again, with a hopeful outlook towards the future. Riding the wave of a successful summer in 2023, which saw the trio performing on stages across Italy, La Sad made their debut at the Sanremo Festival with “AUTODISTRUTTIVO.”

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