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Agosto 29 (Giovedì) - Settembre 1 (Domenica)


Returning again this year is one of the most anticipated shows of the season, organized by the cultural association ‘Carichi Sospesi’: the International Street Theater Festival ‘La Luna nel Pozzo’

The event is free and held outdoors, featuring dozens of artists and performers, including solo artists and theater groups from all over the world. And Caorle, with its narrow streets and small squares, is the perfect stage to bring this ancient art to life, where artists come into direct contact with the audience. Thanks to their shows and their communicative abilities, they will evoke emotions that will remain in your heart.

The scheduled events include: acrobatic performances and exhibitions, street theater and juggling, circus theater, fire dance, contemporary circus, puppet theater and giant puppets, as well as clowning, pantomime, street poetry, commedia dell’arte, and children’s theater presented by professional artists and companies.

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