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Theatre – Free Entry

A true ordeal, endless and unbearable, were those few years for Kurt Cobain that we define as “nothingness.” The reading focuses on the exploration of that discomfort, of the fracture in the heart of the young Kurt that never healed. It’s during those years that something happens that has little to do with music but much to do with the fragility of the human being. Something related to the soul, feelings, that part of all of us that isn’t material but shapes a person more than anything, defines their personality, and identifies them in life. It was towards those childhood and pre-adolescent years that my curiosity arose to understand how a lively, beautiful child, showing extraordinary artistic talents, ends up on the path of self-destruction. Beyond my passion for Nirvana, I wanted to uncover the fracture in Kurt Cobain’s heart. A fracture he tried to mend with music, but the pain grew ever louder because a heart doesn’t heal like bones do. Alongside music, Kurt added “his medicine,” a mix of music and drugs, a creative yet destructive blend. The desperate quest to alleviate unbearable pain culminates in the epilogue when an element enters the stage that the rock star wasn’t accustomed to dealing with: love.

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