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BNKR44 was formed in 2019 from the collaboration of seven young men from Villanova, a small district in the province of Florence. The members of BNKR are Erin, Piccolo, Faster, JxN, Caph, and Fares, guided and coordinated by the artistic director gheray0. Through music, painting, clothing creation, and production, their unique and recognizable work is a testament to the perseverance of young people in the Italian provinces, willing to risk everything to share their vision with the world.

A unique project with an unpredictable sound, launched at high speed into the new Italian pop scene, BNKR44 has soared in the charts with the singles “MA CHE IDEA” in collaboration with Pino D’Angiò and “GOVERNO PUNK,” both certified Gold Records (FIMI/GFK).

“Governo Punk” is the song with which the group competed in the latest edition of the Sanremo Festival, written by BNKR44 with Jacopo Ettorre, while “Ma Che Idea” is a new, revised version with an added verse of the famous hit “Ma Quale Idea” by Pino D’Angiò, with whom the group performed during the covers night. The latter is a true ‘earworm,’ viral on social media platforms, among the most listened to on digital platforms, and currently among the top 20 songs played on Italian radio.

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