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Amy Winehouse’s life has at least 3 elements worth telling: success, fame, madness.
Amy forcefully emerges onto the global music scene in the early 2000s; a daughter of the United Kingdom armed only with her unmistakable voice and guitar, she quickly conquers the most prestigious stages and is acclaimed as a queen. The queen of music.
A genuine, authentic girl, all artistic substance.
Amy doesn’t accept compromises, dictates, she wants to set the rules of the game herself, but instead, the game ends up winning over her.
The music world devours her like a monster, squeezing every drop of talent from her and then abandoning her to her demons, which consume her until the end, between one drink and another.
Amy Winehouse dies at the age of 27, but her memory remains indelible, like her ‘No, no, no’ thrown in the face of the world in one of her most famous songs: “Rehab,” which will forever stay in our heads and hearts.
In this show, we speak about Amy not only through the story of the ups and downs of her short life but above all through her songs, which punctuate the narrative with a bold and sincere rhythm, just as she was.

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