Date: Tuesday 19th July 2022

Time: 9 pm

Location: St. Stephan Cathedral - Caorle

Description: Free entry with reservation (phone: +39 0421 219 254).

Founded in 1945, the Polifonico / Italian male choir has always held concerts all over the world.
Guardian of the Friulian musical tradition, the choir has distinguished itself in particular in the study of the romantic and contemporary repertoire.
The choir does not neglect the traditional vocal repertoire, the villotte, hundreds of which are kept in its own historical archive, object of an important cataloging work a few years ago.
The choir participates in the most important international festivals in Italy and abroad and collaborates with Italian and foreign pop, rock and folk organizations and artists.
Several collaborations with regional and national orchestras and with well-known conductors.
In recent years, the choir's commitment to the soundtracks of some films has been remarkable.


Ufficio Cultura - Comune di Caorle
Via Roma, 26
30021 Caorle
+39 0421 219 254