Date: Tuesday 16th August 2022

Time: 9 pm

Location: Hemingway Theatre, Levante Beach (L7) - Caorle

Description: Caorlè Musica - Jazzin 'and live set

Chorister of Elisa from 2008 to 2011 on the Mechanical Dream, Heart and Ivy tours, in the record project Ivy and in the DVD of the same name. You also participated in the "Friends for Abruzzo" charity concert. Chorister for the Italian tour of the singer-songwriter Terra Naomi (2012). Since 2006 she has been the leader and chorister of several cover projects on the pop rock panorama at national and European level (Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia).
Teacher of modern singing and musical preparatory for preschool age at 4 academies and musical associations in northeastern Italy. Vocal Coach X Factor 2018/2019, from 2021 Music Teacher in the RAI 2 television format “Il Collegio”. Thanks to the different musical and educational experiences, Silvia has acquired over time a wide-ranging repertoire from Italian pop to international evergreen standards. Her performances are intense and elegant and are also well suited to Live entertainment contexts such as public, private and wedding events.

Free Entrance


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