A new arrangement in the Ponente (West) beach

The construction of four breakwaters and a sand replenishment

The works made by the Civil Engineering Department of Regione Veneto are quickly going forward in the construction of four new breakwaters on the Ponente beach (west side).

The project is the result of an agreement with the Municipality of Caorle and the Caorlespiaggia Consortium (which deals with the management of the beaches).

A curvilinear structure and three perpendicular to the coast line are under construction and almost completed. These new breakwaters are made of rocks and will have the function of defending the beach from consistent erosion during the strong autumn storms and high water.

The length of the breakwaters grows increasingly towards the mouth of the Livenza river and the last structure (which has not yet been built) will measure 185 meters.

In every breakwater, a concrete lane will be created and will allow people to walk safely and reach the top of them. Of course, diving into water from here is dangerous and severly forbidden.

The new structures will change the morphological conformation and the layout of the Ponente beach (west), particularly in the initial area, where the new curved breakwater is located. This will help the natural formation of a new small beach.

The important intervention that during these months has been carried out on the Ponente beach (west) does not only concern the construction of the new sea barriers, but also an important replenishment of sand (which has been removed from the Levante east beach) quantified in 60 thousand cubic meters.

The replenishment will allow the beach to be extended towards the sea by about thirty meters and more beach umbrellas can be installed here, guaranteeing more safety distance between each beach spot (required by the safety regulations against the Covid-19 pandemic) and more people will be able to be welcomed on the beach in Caorle.